Joining Digital Twin Consortium

One City Global (OCG) | Data Transformation and Visualisation Experts is delighted to announce that it has become a member of the Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC®), an international organization dedicated to creating collaborative partnerships between industry, academia, and government to guide the development of digital twins and accelerate the market by propelling innovation and guiding outcomes for technology end-users.

Being a Member

OCG as a member of the Consortium, will contribute its expertise and insights on the application of Digital Twins with a special focus on data transformation and visualisation.

OCG is looking forward to networking and collaborating with the extensive ecosystem of innovators and technology leaders within the Digital Twin Consortium.

Steve Clapp, OCG’s CEO says “Whatever the complexity and scope of your Digital Twin vision, OCG have the experience and resources to help make it a reality. Whether we supplement your project teams with experienced, knowledgeable Digital Twin experts or take full responsibility for the realisation of your vision, you can be confident that we will be there with you on your Digital Twin journey.”

Our mission is to be a leading enabler of change in the evolution to a digital planet. Technical complexity, availability and useability of data are the biggest limiting factors in the digital progress of Businesses, Communities and Governments. Our Services address these factors at source, meaning we are uniquely positioned to overcome complexity and support our customers on their journey, providing insight, delivering action, enabling evolution.

As defined by the Digital Twin Consortium, a digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and / or processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity. Digital Twin Consortium® is The Authority in Digital Twin, a global ecosystem comprising industry, government and academia.

“We welcome One City Global (OCG) | Data Transformation and Visualisation Experts as a member of the Digital Twin Consortium,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO of Digital Twin Consortium. “Their Digital Twin knowledge and experience in a number of sectors, particularly Renewable Energy, Telecommunications and Utilities is valuable to our members. We look forward to their contributions as we work together to promote the use of Digital Twins to solve some of the large-scale challenges of today.


One City Global (OCG) | Data Transformation and Visualisation Experts

We aim to shape and accelerate the evolution to a digital planet. Leveraging our expertise in the creation of Digital Twin technology, we provide our customers with the insight and ability to make data driven decisions, and in taking action to achieve their goals. For more information, visit 

About Digital Twin Consortium®

Digital Twin Consortium® is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances digital twin technology in many industries, from Aerospace to natural resources. Digital Twin Consortium® is a program of Object Management Group. For more information, visit