We welcome you to watch our Webinar with Gardiner and Theobald on ‘Achieving Net Zero and Healthy Buildings with Digital Twinning’.

Throughout this presentation, our team set out:

  • the business case for using Digital Twin technology to achieve net-zero and healthy buildings;
  • the journey an organisation will go through to a Digital Twin;
  • potential use cases for digital twins and data aggregation for the built environment; 
  • why existing systems are not sufficient for achieving your business needs; and 
  • why One City Global is the ideal company to help you deliver healthier, net-zero buildings.



We are committed to creating a mechanism for your organisation to easily aggregate data into a holistic view of your building and to visualise that data in meaningful ways that supports management needs. 

At the start of the process we can show you how you can benefit from aggregation, realisation and proper visualisation of data. 

Moving forward, we will bring you on a Business Transformation journey towards a Digital Twin, providing real time visualisation and management of your built environment. 


We aim to shape and accelerate the evolution to a digital planet. Leveraging our expertise in the creation of Digital Twin technology, we provide our customers with the insight and ability to make data driven decisions, and in taking action to achieve their goals.

For more information, contact us today.